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Tips on saving battery life on Samsung S4 by switching Wi-Fi timer

One of the features that I am amazed with on my Samsung S4 is its ability to set timer with Wi-Fi. Using this application helps a lot because all we have to do is to set it up and it … Continue reading

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This is a repost from Apple is expected to release a new iPhone version. Would it be called iPhone 5s? Would it be release on September 10? These are the questions being asked but have yet to be answered. … Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy Duo vs Lumia 820

Thinking about what kind of phone model one should get is something most people never get tired to think about. Not even me. Though there are many factors we should consider in making decison so to help us out, checking … Continue reading

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Sony Xperia Z

It’s not the Sony Xperia Z’s time to become hot and sensational in the technology market.  Since its launched not more than a week ago from the time this blog is being written many distribrutors have confirmed that they made tremendous sales … Continue reading

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Nokia Lumia 520

This gadget is extremely hot for the summer. I should say that this is one of the best early graduation gift can have, sort of like an inspiration to start a new life as a yuppie. As for the specifications … Continue reading

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Lumia 820 now in the Philippines

Lumia 820 is the newest addition to Nokia family here in the Philippines. Just this month, Nokia Philippines have confirmed that this unit is already available in the country and is priced at Php 18,990. If you are thinking of getting … Continue reading

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Lumia 720 Low-Priced Nokia Phone

Low-Priced Nokia Phone. Still a leader in Global Competition Recently, Nokia introduced low-priced basic cellphones in order to reach out to more market and offer competitive benefits to its market without sacrificing quality and reliability of its products. Specifically, Lumia 720, … Continue reading

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