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Apple is expected to release a new iPhone version. Would it be called iPhone 5s? Would it be release on September 10? These are the questions being asked but have yet to be answered.
In the previous year, Apple used to release its new and top of the line phones in September. This is also one of the reason why speculations that another iPhone would be release on the same month.
By history, Apple have offered upgrade of phones by exchanging an old iPhone for a discount of $100 or $200. Would they have the same tactic this time or would they be brave enough to offer a lower-cost iPhone to combat their close rival in the market for smart phones.
Rumors are everywhere that the new iPhone will have processor enhancements and a fingerprint sensor as an added security feature. Let us all wait and see what the top of the line iOS 7 will have to offer.
By the way, there is also a speculation that iPhone will have something like an iPhone 5C. Rumors says that “C” stands for color since there will be a selection of colored iPhones that will be released in the market. This will be an addition to the classic black and white iPhone units.

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