Customized Internet Surfing with Smart Always On 300 20 30 500 750 995 – How to Register?

Anything Under the Sun

Who does like internet connection at all times? If internet connection is a cheap as a piece of candy, I bet everyone including non-working individual would have it.

This is why we have Smart Always On from Smart. Smart Always On promo  is the best choice for casual mobile internet users that offers volume-based package at a very affordable price.

Smart Always On

If you want to be connected for one day to your email and social networks, Smart Always 20 is the best package for you. This gives you a 25MB data access for the whole day. Should you wants this for the whole month, you can opt to have Smart Always on 300. This is like spending P10 per day  to connect to the whole world where every you are.

VolumePriceValidityKeywordAccess Code
25MBP201 dayON<space>20Send to 2200
50MBP301 dayON<space>30

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