20 Ways to Improve your Websites Traffic FREE

I have been blogging for almost three years already (quite really a short time compared to many other bloggers) and since then I am still looking for ways for improve traffic on my websites. I guess this is really the battle where all bloggers are in.

My websites are personal ones and not funded big time. Free things are the best in the world, that is why FREE ways to improve traffic on my blog are the most treasured knowledge I have other than what my contents have to offer. Today, I am sharing with you tips on how we can improve our sites visits.

1. Make your website search engine friendly by optimizing it. Google has many tutorial on how you can optimize your website for free.

2. Title, Header html tags and Description of your blog should be accurate. This is of extreme importance because search engine algorithms use these information to categorize and identify your website and send your site direct traffic.

3.Spread the word about your website and affiliate programs. You can submit your affiliate program to affiliate program directories. You may also contact website owners of related websites and affiliate with them.

4. Link your page to other non competing websites with the same industry.  You may offer exchange links to these websites. You will add their links to your website and they will do the same for you.

5. Engage your blog into forums of related topics. You may answer to forum questions that are related to your website, this is one way you can convince them view your website because they will feel that they will benefit from your posts.

6. Blog commenting. Provide decent and helpful comments to blogs of the same or related topic to yours. This way your blog’s link will be permanent on their website and other websites visitors will also visit your website to look for something they are interested with or looking for answers to their questions.

7. Email signature. Make one of this on your personal email. Anyone you send an email to will have a direct link going to your website.

8. Traffic exchange. This is one way to visit other website in exchange of others visiting your website too.

Here is one I am personally using:


easy hits result

And look at the improvement it gave on my websites traffic after 24 hours of using this.

And if you thought of ever signing up for EasyHits4U, you can have me as your referer.  Just put vancalapano as the person who refered you.

9. Relevant topic. Write valuable topics that will be beneficial to your visitors and something that they will feel worth value of passing around.

10. Guest Post. Write articles that you are an expert on and offer to guest post to other bloggers. This is very easy if you are a credible blogger and you write very good posts.

11. Accurate key words are extremely important. These keywords help your post to be on top of the search engine results. So if you have the right one along with the relevant blog topic, title and html, it will surely put your posts on top of search engine having a good chance to be seen right away by people looking for your keywords.

12. Have and e-zine. These are what is mostly known as a newsletter. Having this allows you to send emails to update your subscriber of your latest post.

13. Discussion community. Create your own forum which people will regular visit and interact with people of the same interests.

14. Classified ads advertisement. Online advertisement are free most of the time, so why not take advantage of this option and maximize it to your benefit.

15. Free site lists. Take advantage of your subscribers who opted to receive updates from you. With these you can join safe site list exchange and be able to send to thousands of potential website visitors.

16. Sign up with MySpace and Pinterest. These are new ways on how you can show your website to many subscribers and encourage them to visit your website.

17. Constant and consistent update. Have an update regularly on your blogs and website. This will give your subscriber an impression that you are serious and will never leave them hungry for update.

18. Facebook. Let your friends know that you have updated your blog by updating your status every time a new post is published.

19. Yahoo Answer. Sign up with these and get a chance to answer question relevant to your website. This is one way of letting people feel that your blog is beneficial to them.

20. Stay on topic. Anything you discuss anywhere with regards to promoting your blog should stick to one topic. This is what is mostly called niche.

About Van

My name is Van, and I want to blog forever! visit my other blogs: beautyhealthandwellblog.com vantravelguide.com hotontech.wordpress.com
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