How to Improve Page Rank on your Blog

Blogging in so many ways have helped the media world and so are the people in media. What I mean is not only professionals in media but small bloggers like me who dreamed to be heard (or read) by many people. In fact, my passion for blogging gave me an opportunity to earn small amount of money, enough at least to support me in blogging.

However, many people still does not completely understand that blogging is not merely posting what you thought you want to post and it takes more than that. Page Rank is one of the important factor for our blog to exist.

Basically, page rank is not achieved overnight, but it takes patience and a lot of time to achieve. If it’s easily done, then all blog’s page rank will be 10. Earning a good page rank means that your blog should have a link from a website with a good page rank and traffic should come into your website coming from that website with a good page rank standing.

So, how do you think you can get those links from that website? One way is leaving footprint such as comment to that website with your blog link on it. This way, anyone who views that website have a way to go to your blog through your footprint or comment link.

It is hard to find all the websites with high page rank, so to help out, I am going to borrow a list from the bloggersblogspot to help us out.

List of Page Rank 7 Do-Follow Blog’s

List of Page Rank 6 Do-Follow Blog’s

Pintini (French)
MarlenesCorner (French)
Frederic-Rolin (French)

List of Page Rank 5 Do-Follow Blog’s

We are all hungry for a good page ranks on our blogs. I will be happy to have your blog listed on this list, no matter what your current page rank is. I just want to help. So simply leave a comment for this post.

There are just few things I want to be clear, please leave your complete name with your decent comment. Let us all avoid spamming each othe instead just help.

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