Great traffic source for your blogs.

Great traffic source for your blogs.

I have been blogging already for more than 3 years.  I remember starting it when my husband gave me a laptop as a Christmas gift on our 2nd Christmas together being husband and wife. That is 4th Christmas being lovers, (boyfriend-girlfriend) stage included. This is my very first blog, click here. It was a simple thank you message for my husband for his surprise christmas gift, but then, I fell in love with blogging the first time I wrote my first article/blog.

I have six blogs since then, though I am only active with four blogs now. I am doing my blogs on and off and that depends on how much time I have for it and of course depending on the network availability. There were times I did not have internet connection at home. Yesterday, I was reviewing my blogs and checked how much I already earned from it. I was surprised to arrive to the conclusion that I already earned Php 59,200.00 out of it. This was actually from the blogs I am doing for a fee, and it’s not full-time. Not a bad amount, right? I wonder how much I could have more if I did it full-time the first time.

One of the secret I would like to share with you for this success is the tool that I use to earn traffic for my blog which is very essential to earn better. Ladies and gentlemen, meet EasyHits4U. Without so much blah blah, I would like give you an idea of the benefits I got from  this tool.

  • 1:1 website visit
  • 1:1 geo tagging
  • credits from referral (this is just a benefit since the website is for traffic generation and not income generating)
  • add up to 15 website to promote
  • banner and text impressions
  • 1 free rotator

Anyway, these are the freebies you can get for your free account. Imagine that, free account for free benefits. However, these benefits are for not so serious bloggers like me.  Should you be a serious blogger, or a want-to-be serious blogger, I suggest you check their very affordable packages here.

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange


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My name is Van, and I want to blog forever! visit my other blogs: beautyhealthandwellblog.com vantravelguide.com hotontech.wordpress.com
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