Playing Tablet or Watching TV

Should you let him play the tablet or watch TV?

Should you let him play the tablet or watch TV?

Correct me if I am wrong, but my son Gab was recently banned from playing tablet and our TV is not being switch on at any time of the day.  There are two reasons why this is happening, for one, the TV is not switched on because if the TV is on, every ones eyes are on the TV (even if other people at home needs to do the laundry, yes, we are a small time commercial laundry shop).  Secondly, the tablet was banned because of the game Angry Bird, not that I have anything against the game but Gab would start to tantrums if he does not win the game. Therefore, to resolve both issued, I did not let any of those things turned on, except on Sundays for Gab’s tablet and at night-time for the teleserye and when no one is doing the laundry anymore.

I would say that this move I made was really helpful. The TV is not switched on until night-time ( and its only for about 3 hours), I save a little amount for electricity and no one is being reprimanded if the laundry is not properly done.  Since the tablet is out of the picture, Gab is left with the option of playing his conventional toys and I am even able to encourage him to doodle and crayons his books which turns out to be very helpful for his school.

When it comes to the internet, I am lucky because at 4-years old, he is not savvy yet in navigating the web.  He can watch YouTube but he only knew two options to ask, either Tom and Jerry or Mickey Mouse.  I am happy to give him at least 30 minutes to watch a video or two that.


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