Tips on saving battery life on Samsung S4 by switching Wi-Fi timer

One of the features that I am amazed with on my Samsung S4 is its ability to set timer with Wi-Fi. Using this application helps a lot because all we have to do is to set it up and it will manage itself.
Personally, I am not mindful of turning on and off its Wi-Fi regularly because I always forget to it when I leave the house or the office.  By experience we are all aware that having Wi-Fi on eats a lot of battery life because the device is constantly looking for a connection it can use for Wi-Fi.  Imagine how much energy you can save if you will shut it off when there is really no available signal.
To use Wi-Fi timer, go to Settings, tap the Wi-Fi menu option under Connections Tab. press the Wi-Fi icon. Now you are showing the different available connections in your location. Then press the lower left button of your phone (this is on the left side of the Home Button of your phone) and you will see the Advanced Settings. Scan the list and you will see the option that says Wi-Fi Timer.
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Article: Apple testing 6-inch iPhone models, new report claims

Apple testing 6-inch iPhone models, new report claims


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Article: Intelligent Headset delivers 3D audio for better zombie games, we go hands-on (video)

Intelligent Headset delivers 3D audio for better zombie games, we go hands-on (video)


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This is a repost from

Apple is expected to release a new iPhone version. Would it be called iPhone 5s? Would it be release on September 10? These are the questions being asked but have yet to be answered.
In the previous year, Apple used to release its new and top of the line phones in September. This is also one of the reason why speculations that another iPhone would be release on the same month.
By history, Apple have offered upgrade of phones by exchanging an old iPhone for a discount of $100 or $200. Would they have the same tactic this time or would they be brave enough to offer a lower-cost iPhone to combat their close rival in the market for smart phones.
Rumors are everywhere that the new iPhone will have processor enhancements and a fingerprint sensor as an added security feature. Let us all wait and see what the top of the line iOS 7 will have to offer.
By the way, there is also a speculation that iPhone will have something like an iPhone 5C. Rumors says that “C” stands for color since there will be a selection of colored iPhones that will be released in the market. This will be an addition to the classic black and white iPhone units.

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Customized Internet Surfing with Smart Always On 300 20 30 500 750 995 – How to Register?

Anything Under the Sun

Who does like internet connection at all times? If internet connection is a cheap as a piece of candy, I bet everyone including non-working individual would have it.

This is why we have Smart Always On from Smart. Smart Always On promo  is the best choice for casual mobile internet users that offers volume-based package at a very affordable price.

Smart Always On

If you want to be connected for one day to your email and social networks, Smart Always 20 is the best package for you. This gives you a 25MB data access for the whole day. Should you wants this for the whole month, you can opt to have Smart Always on 300. This is like spending P10 per day  to connect to the whole world where every you are.

VolumePriceValidityKeywordAccess Code
25MBP201 dayON<space>20Send to 2200
50MBP301 dayON<space>30

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Beauty Health and Wellness

This summer time, going out-of-town is very common. I bet many of you who do not have office work starting tomorrow are already on the road or enjoying a well-planned reunion in the province or with some friends.

I just want to share something that would be a nice companion while on the road, when on vacation and when you are away from home. No one among us wants to run out of our celphone batteries, right?


MiLi Power Master is all you need to get your phone recharged even if you are on top of the hill. This 6.8mm thin can power up your gadget with 2000mAh. I bet this is the thinnest battery pack you will ever encounter. It works with a multipurpose USB cable that connects to the outlet and can also be connected to your iPhones or iPods.


You will just need 4 hours to fully charge…

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Samsung Galaxy S IV to be Unpacked on March 14

On March 14, Samsung will annouce the newest and much awaited Galaxy S IV. This event called Unpacked will happen in New York and here the newest flagship smart phone of Samsung will be unveiled. This is going to be the Samsung phone that will beat iPhone 5, therefore, many are expecting that the specs of this new phone will be superb and one of the best in the smartphone world. The market is expecting a lot of improvement from the current Galaxy S III which is from Samsung as well.

Remember March 14 which is the Unpacking day of Samsung S IV. See below for the Samsung’s official invite.


Samsung Unpacked invite for March 14 in New York City

Samsung Unpacked invite for March 14 in New York City


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Evernote, What can it do for you?

EvernoteRemembering is very easy and it’s not a physical thing we do that makes us tired. However, is it really easy? Not if you are not equipped. That is why, here is Evernote. Evernote helps you remember every thing, big and small with the help of your computer.

What can it actually do for you?

It keeps everything in sync. Evernote allows you to store all your notes, web clips, files and images available in all of the device you use.

It provides you a storage to saved any photo from online, as well as audio recording. This is also great for storing webpages and allows you to get the whole thing: text, images and links. With all of these, I bet making research is the easiest task you can get from your professor or from your boss.

What’s more, Evernote, will be happy to keep your itineraries, maps, events, plans, travel documents and confirmations for you so it will be available for you all the time.

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20 Ways to Improve your Websites Traffic FREE

I have been blogging for almost three years already (quite really a short time compared to many other bloggers) and since then I am still looking for ways for improve traffic on my websites. I guess this is really the battle where all bloggers are in.

My websites are personal ones and not funded big time. Free things are the best in the world, that is why FREE ways to improve traffic on my blog are the most treasured knowledge I have other than what my contents have to offer. Today, I am sharing with you tips on how we can improve our sites visits.

1. Make your website search engine friendly by optimizing it. Google has many tutorial on how you can optimize your website for free.

2. Title, Header html tags and Description of your blog should be accurate. This is of extreme importance because search engine algorithms use these information to categorize and identify your website and send your site direct traffic.

3.Spread the word about your website and affiliate programs. You can submit your affiliate program to affiliate program directories. You may also contact website owners of related websites and affiliate with them.

4. Link your page to other non competing websites with the same industry.  You may offer exchange links to these websites. You will add their links to your website and they will do the same for you.

5. Engage your blog into forums of related topics. You may answer to forum questions that are related to your website, this is one way you can convince them view your website because they will feel that they will benefit from your posts.

6. Blog commenting. Provide decent and helpful comments to blogs of the same or related topic to yours. This way your blog’s link will be permanent on their website and other websites visitors will also visit your website to look for something they are interested with or looking for answers to their questions.

7. Email signature. Make one of this on your personal email. Anyone you send an email to will have a direct link going to your website.

8. Traffic exchange. This is one way to visit other website in exchange of others visiting your website too.

Here is one I am personally using:


easy hits result

And look at the improvement it gave on my websites traffic after 24 hours of using this.

And if you thought of ever signing up for EasyHits4U, you can have me as your referer.  Just put vancalapano as the person who refered you.

9. Relevant topic. Write valuable topics that will be beneficial to your visitors and something that they will feel worth value of passing around.

10. Guest Post. Write articles that you are an expert on and offer to guest post to other bloggers. This is very easy if you are a credible blogger and you write very good posts.

11. Accurate key words are extremely important. These keywords help your post to be on top of the search engine results. So if you have the right one along with the relevant blog topic, title and html, it will surely put your posts on top of search engine having a good chance to be seen right away by people looking for your keywords.

12. Have and e-zine. These are what is mostly known as a newsletter. Having this allows you to send emails to update your subscriber of your latest post.

13. Discussion community. Create your own forum which people will regular visit and interact with people of the same interests.

14. Classified ads advertisement. Online advertisement are free most of the time, so why not take advantage of this option and maximize it to your benefit.

15. Free site lists. Take advantage of your subscribers who opted to receive updates from you. With these you can join safe site list exchange and be able to send to thousands of potential website visitors.

16. Sign up with MySpace and Pinterest. These are new ways on how you can show your website to many subscribers and encourage them to visit your website.

17. Constant and consistent update. Have an update regularly on your blogs and website. This will give your subscriber an impression that you are serious and will never leave them hungry for update.

18. Facebook. Let your friends know that you have updated your blog by updating your status every time a new post is published.

19. Yahoo Answer. Sign up with these and get a chance to answer question relevant to your website. This is one way of letting people feel that your blog is beneficial to them.

20. Stay on topic. Anything you discuss anywhere with regards to promoting your blog should stick to one topic. This is what is mostly called niche.

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How to Improve Page Rank on your Blog

Blogging in so many ways have helped the media world and so are the people in media. What I mean is not only professionals in media but small bloggers like me who dreamed to be heard (or read) by many people. In fact, my passion for blogging gave me an opportunity to earn small amount of money, enough at least to support me in blogging.

However, many people still does not completely understand that blogging is not merely posting what you thought you want to post and it takes more than that. Page Rank is one of the important factor for our blog to exist.

Basically, page rank is not achieved overnight, but it takes patience and a lot of time to achieve. If it’s easily done, then all blog’s page rank will be 10. Earning a good page rank means that your blog should have a link from a website with a good page rank and traffic should come into your website coming from that website with a good page rank standing.

So, how do you think you can get those links from that website? One way is leaving footprint such as comment to that website with your blog link on it. This way, anyone who views that website have a way to go to your blog through your footprint or comment link.

It is hard to find all the websites with high page rank, so to help out, I am going to borrow a list from the bloggersblogspot to help us out.

List of Page Rank 7 Do-Follow Blog’s

List of Page Rank 6 Do-Follow Blog’s

Pintini (French)
MarlenesCorner (French)
Frederic-Rolin (French)

List of Page Rank 5 Do-Follow Blog’s

We are all hungry for a good page ranks on our blogs. I will be happy to have your blog listed on this list, no matter what your current page rank is. I just want to help. So simply leave a comment for this post.

There are just few things I want to be clear, please leave your complete name with your decent comment. Let us all avoid spamming each othe instead just help.

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